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The path to no dentistry.

The BEST dentistry is NO dentistry. 

PREVENTION is a team effort between the patient and the dental team to maintain optimal oral health that is life-long. This goal is achieved through a close partnership that involves the proper coaching from the dental hygiene team and a meticulous data driven diagnosis that continuously monitors change and recommends conservative solutions to PREVENT, INTERCEPT, RESTORE OR RECONSTRUCT at the earliest opportunity as it applies to each patient's individual needs.


Solutions for early damage.

Dental disease, in its early stages, progresses slowly. It often takes months if not years before intervention is mandatory.

Modern non-invasive adhesive protocols have proven to be effective to INTERCEPT further disease progress and thus the need for more invasive procedures.


Solutions for moderate damage.

Irrespective of the causes, as a tooth loses enamel (and dentin), the physical and optical properties of the tooth change and dental disease accelerates.

Using extremely conservative minimally invasive adhesive protocols, modern dentistry can RESTORE a moderately damaged teeth to look, feel and function to its original potential.


Solutions for severe damage.

Despite the best efforts to prevent, intercept and restore, some patients have developed advanced damage that requires extensive treatment. 

Reconstruction is the process for the replacement of severely damaged teeth in part or in whole that were not attended to at an earlier time. Reconstruction is often considered restoration of teeth with longterm damage. And it often requires an interdisciplinary team.

But the good news is that even in advanced cases, ceramic restorations, dental implants and numerous other procedures can help bring back a patients smile, bite and comfort to enjoy great smile esthetics and a comfortable life.

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